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Eat in Bali

  • 13 Outubro, 2017
  • By ana.rita

Eat in Bali

Eat in Bali

Comer no estrangeiro pode ser um desafio. Mas em Bali o que não faltam são sítios giros para conhecer com comida ótima! Estão no meu top: La Baracca (Canggu e Seminyak), Betelnut Café (Canggu), Café Organic (Seminyak), Nalu Bowls (Canggu e Uluwatu), La laguna (Canggu) e Clear Café (Ubud).

Eating abroad can sometimes be a challenge! Not in Bali though. There were plenty of cool spots to explore with great food. My top favourites were: La Baracca (Canggu and Seminyak), Betelnut Café (Canggu), Café Organic (Seminyak), Nalu Bowls (Canggu and Uluwatu), La laguna (Canggu) and Clear Café (Ubud).

Nalu Bowls – Uluwatu e Canggu

La Laguna Bali – Canggu

Cafe Organic

Ruko Café – Canggu

Clear Café – Ubud

Clear Café – Ubud                                                    Sea Circus – Seminyak


Anne Rie

By ana.rita, 13 Outubro, 2017

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